Saturday, March 12, 2016

IN FLUX _ a group exhibition in response to the theme _ in flux .. a focus on calm states and the notion of being in flux, allows meditation and melancholy, a group of experiential works which encourage visitors to linger in the sensations of each work. Come along if you are in Melbourne, Australia ... 18-31march @brunswick street gallery ..opens friday18th march @ 6-9pm

i am in a show which opens on friday 18th @ 6pm next week Brunswick Street Gallery on brunswick street in fitzroy ..runs till 31st march .. so there's plenty of time to get there .. there are 15 of us - all responding to the notion of being 'in flux' .. of flow, meditation, mindfulness encaustic mixed media work relates to water.. come along if you love a cool and groovy show !! ............. haha will be fun